ABC has offered Virginia DMV-certified defensive driving clinics across Northern Virginia for nearly 10 years. Our Virginia DMV-certified 8-hour computer-based (online) defensive driving clinic is just $50, with no additional fees.

Registration & Testing for the Online Clinic: Click                            to register and enroll in the self-paced, 8-hour online clinic. Please use the PayPal portal on the registration page before hitting 'submit' to complete enrollment and begin the online clinic (you can pause instruction as often as you like to accommodate your schedule). 

Once you complete the online clinic using your own computer, tablet, or smartphone, you’ll then complete the required final test at any of ABC's three Northern Virginia locations (in Falls Church, Dulles/Herndon, or Alexandria). Those final test locations are open and available for you 24 hours a day / 7 days a week (see maps and specific addresses below). Be sure to bring your ID to the test site and, once there, you'll receive a instructions and have access to a computer to complete the final test. After passing the test, you will receive your signed Certificate of Clinic Completion. All drivers completing the clinic will have a confirmation of clinic completion recorded in Virginia DMV's driver records' database.

Safe Driver Points: Once you complete the clinic (online or classroom-based), Virginia drivers may be eligible to receive up to five safe-driver points. Drivers not holding a Virginia drivers' license may also be eligible for points, but must check with their state DMV to be sure.  If you are a Virginia driver, safe driving points matter; so, check out Virginia DMV's points system website here: Drivers complete clinics as volunteers or by referral from Virginia DMV, a court, or an insurer.

A Virginia driver completing the clinic as a volunteer can earn safe driving points every two years. Many DMV and court referrals can allow for points to be awarded, but are usually specific to the driver's reason for referral. Insurance referrals typically do not receive points; please contact your insurer if you are completing the clinic as an insurance referral to determine if you should complete the clinic as a volunteer or as an insurance referral. Virginia drivers under age 20 years are not eligible to take an online clinic to meet a DMV requirement to complete a clinic; those drivers must attend a classroom-based clinic. Non-Virginia drivers' license holders, under 20, might not have such a restriction and should check with their state DMV as necessary.

If a state DMV or a local court requires a driver to take an 8-hour defensive driving improvement clinic, drivers should check with those who require the clinic before enrolling to be sure that specific court will accept an online clinic Certificate of Completion (most do, though, for drivers aged 20 years or older). For information on Maryland's point system, click here:; for DC's point system, click here and search for specifics on: ABC's clinics submits all student completion records through Virginia DMV.

Commercial Driver License (CDL) Holders: Virginia CDL holders cannot take online clinics for safe driver credit or points; they must attend a commercial defensive driving clinic. Non-Virginia CDL holders who can attend our online for safe-driving credit should check with their state DMV, courts, or insurer for details. For more on Virginia DMV commercial defensive driving clinics, visit:

Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program (VSAP): If you received a letter from a DMV, court, employer, or an insurer requiring you to attend a clinic, read the letter carefully and be sure which clinic is right for you. Drivers who must attend a 20-hour VASAP educational program, which is separate from an 8-hour defensive driver improvement clinic program, should visit for details.

Contact & Test Location Maps: See locations below (remember, classroom-based clinics are at the Falls Church location only, and that online clinic final testing is available at all three locations 24 hours a day / 7 days a week). Please e-mail or call 703-271-7233 for help with any questions. Calls, e-mails, and texts are answered and returned seven days a week, from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Registration, Certificates, & Points

Virginia DMV-Certified, 8-Hour Defensive Driving Improvement Clinic

-  Online clinics and final testing 24 hours a day !
-  Safe-driving clinics in English or Spanish
-  Same-day certificates
-  Cost: $50